How To: A Valentine’s Day Love Bug!

Published on February 2nd, 2017

This is an adorable project for Valentines of all ages. It’s called a Love Bug for it’s heart-shaped wings. All you need are a few items to create this little creature. After you are done you can fill it with candy and plug it up with tissue paper on both sides! A perfect gift for kids to bring for their schoolmates.

Here’s What You Will Need:

Toilet paper tube
Card stock or construction paper
Pipe cleaners

Optional materials:

Cardboard or watercolor paper
Decorative paper such as scrap booking paper or wall paper samples
Double-sided tape
Wiggle eyes

How You Do It:

Measure the height of your toilet paper tube and cut out a strip of decorative paper or construction paper of the same height. Wrap it around the tube and secure it with a bead of glue.

On a folded piece of card stock or construction paper, draw a heart so the bottom tip goes off the folded edge. Unfold the heart for the wings.

You can use the card stock as your wings. I wanted something a little stiffer so I could attach decorative paper to mine. I used the card stock wings as a template and then cut a stiff watercolor paper. You could also cut up a cardboard box (like a cereal box) or any other stiff paper board if you don’t have watercolor paper.

Attach the decorative paper to the watercolor paper or cardboard using double-sided tape. You can use glue, but the wetness can sometimes wrinkle thinner papers.

To make the antennae, wrap the ends around a pencil.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Secure to the inside of toilet paper tube with a little glue. Use a piece of masking tape on top of that if the glue isn’t secure enough.

Decorate the wings and glue the them to the tube. Draw a face on the tube. Add wiggle eyes if you have them. Otherwise, you can just draw them. Let everything dry and you have a love bug for your sweetheart.

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