Love Don’t Cost A Thing- Inexpensive Ideas for Valentines Day

Published on February 2nd, 2017

Valentines Day is around the corner and if you haven’t figured out what to do to make V-day 2017 a little more special, I am here to help!

1. Why not give the gift of a chilled champagne on valentines day, and what better way to chill it than with roses frozen each into their own ice cube? Sounds weird? I promise, it is just the coolest, no pun intended. You can freeze a dozen spray roses but cutting the buds off of the stems and putting each one into a chamber in a regular old ice cube tray. Then fill with water and freeze. Check out the video on how to make them (I made them backstage on the Rachael Ray show) here.

IceTray Rose Icecubes Valentines Day Ice Bucket

2. Leave your sweetheart a message in the shower or bathtub! Write them a little note, poem, message, etc in shower or bathtub with bathtub crayons

3. Create romantic or fun coupons (ex: good for one back rub, good for one night of movie and dinner at home, good for a night out on the town, etc.), you can personalize them and print them here, directly from American Greetings!

4. Fill larger wine glasses with red hots or candy hearts with votive candles in the middle to spread along the table runner area for unique centerpieces (or could fill a large bowl with red hots and more than one votive candle for one large centerpiece)

5. Put balloons filled up with helium all around the house , and insert a hand written note saying why you love your him or her so much in each balloon, that way you get to pop them!

6. Instead of buying the usual dozen red roses-get 11 colored roses and one white one and write on it something like “you are the one that stands out” or “It’s easy to see why you caught my eye”.

7. Have a little “treasure hunt” with notes on the pillow, bathroom mirror, kitchen counter, etc that lead to either a romantic breakfast or a sweet poem, etc.

8. Write a little message on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or shaving cream

9. Make a quick and easy centerpiece by tying a few candles together with ribbon in reds, whites, pinks and place them in the middle of the hurricane vase.

10. Use sidewalk chalk to write on the garage floor/driveway/walkway so that when leaving the house they can see your message of love on their way to work

11. Write a quick message like “I love you” using chocolate sauce in the foam of their morning coffee.

12. Stick a love letter in their bag or briefcase and seal it by adding a special red lipstick kiss mark…sealed with a kiss!

13. If a couple created their own vows they could have them written and placed in a frame or on some type of feature that can be displayed in their home.

14. 52 reasons why I Love You. This one was made by Craftgrrl. Take an old deck of cards and decorate each one with the reasons why you love your sweetheart, “because he make the BEST tuna melt sandwiches” would be one of my 52 for Stephen!

15. Or, if you are feeling really ambitions, get a simple mason jar, write down 365 reasons why your sweetheart is the best and put them in a jar. I did this for my mom, but you could easily do it for Valentines Day!

16. And if you plan to make delicious tasties for Valentines Day, Twig & Thistle has beautiful graphics to print on Valentine’s Day treat bags. Get the floral bag image here and the brownie bag here.


17. I thought this was a nice touch, if you are making a nice dinner at home have everything prepared and write a note on the stove that says “Turn me on instead”

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  1. Posted by Shannon Rice on January 30th, 2013, 12:23 [Reply]

    I saw a VERY cute idea on pinterest!!! It was homemade fortune cookies with hearts all over them…. try this link!

    You can write your own fortune and quotes….they are pink with red hearts and tan with pink hearts! SUPER CUTE!!!!

  2. Posted by Aubrey Marona on August 14th, 2013, 00:39 [Reply]

    This is so useful not just during Valentine’s day, but also even normal days just to show appreciation to your love-ones.

    It’s nice to be always in love 🙂


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