Wedding Dress Shopping Day 1

Published on March 18th, 2012

So apparently, you should always start your wedding planning by picking out your dress. Well, here I am, nearly 2 months before the big day with no dress in sight. I KIND of knew what I was looking for, something Lace, with a more traditional silhouette and a slit, for some natural air conditioning, necessary when your ceremony temperature could likely exceed 95 degrees.

So I am looking for a dress that :

1. Is lightweight

2. Packs well

3. Is Lacey

4. Isn’t pure white, more of a natural or bone color

5. Costs less than 1 weeks salary!

I loved this Monique Lhuillier dress, I found this one just by googling “Lace Dress”. I love the length of this one, not too much trail-age and the slit in the front. I chatted with my pal, Fran, our resident style expert on The Chew and she warned me that the cap sleeves might not be as flattering as something with a little more coverage.

So then I found this dress, again, lacey, traditional, but slit-less so I was going to be hotter than two rats making love in a wool sock.

I didn’t bother to find out the prices of each, that SHOULD have been my starting point instead, with the coercion of my dear cousin Wanda, yesterday I set out to “break my seal” and try on some darn wedding dresses.

I decided to be open minded. I tried on whatever the spirit moved me too, even strapless dresses, which I had sworn off because unless I get my underarms waxed I am destined to have 5 o’clock shadow by the time the electric slide comes on.

Wanda took me to Red Bank, to The Barefoot Bride, owned by her pal Mayra and to another bridal shop in the area called The Sassy Chic Boutique.

At the Sassy Chic Boutique I tried on this halter number, that look sophisticated but would require me to wear a full body spank.

But I wanted to try the halter dress with the Mantilla, or more traditional veil that I thought would be perfect for Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. I always envisioned for the dress to be shorter and the veil to be longer. Look how gorgeous this veil is, but the price, gulp, is almost as much as the dress!

I could get used to this veil thing, it’s like having your own secret hideaway.

I tried on this crazy cute bolero that made me feel like I was wearing a marshmallow.

And then I tried on this dress with a feathered bodice that made me feel a little like Wonder Woman and a little like Glenda the Good Witch.

Inspired by Angelina Jolie’s right leg, I tried on this side split number. I loved that I could reuse this dress for a future cocktail party, maybe have it died a cool color, or have it shortened a bit. Donna, the stylist and sales person, put me in this birdcage which was so gorgeous. Problem with this dress is I feel like I might have to stand like this all night.

Then it was to The Barefoot Bride and Mayra, to try on some dresses she hand picked for me. She pumped up the Salsa music and I felt like I was off to the island, all I needed was a nice, stiff, piña colada.

She wanted me to try on something really latin so I put on this Mambo inspired number and had WAY too much fun with it.

This dress gave me curves where I didn’t even know I had them. I am on to Sofia Vergara’s secret. It is all about the mermaid dress!

Loving the mermaid silhouette, who knew? I tried on an all white one, no mambo at the bottom.

Mayra put me in this matching jacket, I told you how I felt about totally strapless, and it looked super cute, but a little Star Trekkie for me. What do you guys think?

Then I tried on this lace dress that I really fell in love with. It’s all lace, like I initially wanted but has spaghetti straps and no slit. It is a little big, but you can see how it really makes an hourglass shape, and it is a floor sample so it would be crazy cheap!

I tried it on with the veil:

The nice thing about buying the dress that is inexpensive is that I can spend the extra money personalizing it to be exactly what I want. The seamstress, Gina, can make me a slit just the way I want it!

It is only my first day but I think this one might be the one! What do you guys think?

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  1. Posted by Eleanor on March 18th, 2012, 13:01 [Reply]

    it looks like lace is the best – my daughter got married last year and I just posted a photo. She was beautiful.

  2. Posted by Lori on March 18th, 2012, 14:03 [Reply]

    I love the spaghetti straps with the lace. The veil is gorgeous with the dress. Not sure about the bolero jacket. Adding the slit will make it the total bomb! Any thoughts on kind of shoes you have picked out? Happy hunting! Lori

  3. Posted by Mari on March 18th, 2012, 14:30 [Reply]

    Hey I love the angelina and mermaid one 🙂 looking for tickets do u have any wedsites u recommend?

  4. Posted by Lady and Titi Madeline on March 18th, 2012, 14:53 [Reply]

    We look all your picture and we agreed with you about the last one. It have beautiful lace, gorgeous, elegant and like fresh, its really looks like to wear it at Viejo San Juan. About the mantilla, we LOVE IT!!!! You really have a lot of latin blood like titi Nilsa, jajajaja. WE APPROVE IT!!!! 2 Votes.!!!!!!!!!

  5. Posted by Nanette Bonilla on March 18th, 2012, 15:54 [Reply]

    Primita, whatever you where… you’re going to be beautiful. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see more pix!! God Bless You.

  6. Posted by DEANNE on March 18th, 2012, 18:51 [Reply]


  7. Posted by Deb Davies on March 27th, 2012, 13:19 [Reply]

    The mermaid shape is gorgeous, Evette. The last dress is truly lovely. Fun to see these. d

  8. Posted by Rg on April 1st, 2012, 15:30 [Reply]

    The Mermaid silhouette style looks very nice on you. The jacket you wore looks very chic and modern. You could always take the little jacket off as needed. The second to last picture is my favorite overall of all the posted pics- the dress looked too big initially but the second picture looks like a very well fit.It looks like there is a little shoulder cover or jacket? It blends in so well that it looks like it is part of the dress- as you know this is a sign of great work and artistry of the designer/maker! Beautiful! Watch what will end up happening is that you try on 20 more dresses at several other places and find yourself going back for this one! I should know, I literally went to 6/7 different places and tried on approx 23 dresses and went back to the first store! Good Luck & Remember to Go Out and Take a Breath of Fresh Air as needed


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