Goodwill comes through for a Friend’s Baby Shower!

Published on June 10th, 2013

I love showers! Baby showers, wedding showers and April showers (because they bring May flowers 🙂 so when I realized that one of my dearest friends, Robyn, didn’t have a plan for a baby shower I sprang into action enlisting the help of my craftiest friends to create a shower for Robyn that she would never forget.

The first thing I tackled first was figuring out a theme and a location, in my case they went hand in hand. I am a member of this terrific arts club called the Salmagundi Club  and their parlor floor is just gorgeous, so I immediately thought that doing a retro theme for the shin dig made the most sense.

And since the newest import from the UK that I have recently become obsessed with is the fascinator, I thought that we should make the party’s theme:

“Sunday Best and Facinators Only”

The invites were pulled from a graphic designer we found on Etsy and tweaked a little by her to customize it.

I knew that we wanted to do this shin dig on a budget so my first step was to get with my friend and co-shower planner Tiffany and hit the local Goodwill.

I scheduled the event for a Saturday afternoon and high tea made so much sense, a little classy day for all our lady friends to come together! To get pretty tea cups I scoured shop to find beautiful mismatched tea cups from all over the country!

We created one large centerpiece for the buffet and drink table, a vintage baby scale from Goodwill decorated with vintage kids books, some more Goodwill finds, and flowers. I chose Gerber daisies because they look so joyful and they are my friend Robyn’s favorite flowers

We painted blocks to match the color scheme of the centerpieces and we scanned in printed vintage letters from a children’s book.

For the gift table we found an amazing vintage suitcase which was the perfect place for gift cards and gifts.

For each individual centerpiece for each table. Goodwill sourced Mason jars, were filled in with scanned images from a children’s alphabet book. Each table had a different letter!


We created a Baby playlist, all songs of all sorts of genres that had Baby in the title, even Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby!”

Everyone got into the spirit! We wore vintage coats and dresses

And we waited outside for the proud Mom and Dad to be to arrive!

The mom and dad to be arrived in a vintage car from the husbands company Creative Film Cars

During the shower we played a bunch of games!

Games we Played:

Change the Baby
This one was SUPE fun! We found a baby doll then timed each other taking off a diaper wiping and powdering her down and putting on a new diaper. The fastest time, believe it or not was under 10 seconds!

Even the daddy to be tried his hand at changing baby!

Guess the Bump
Olivia, one of Robyn’s dear friends brought a spool of pink ribbon, we each cut it to the length we thought was the circumference of Robyn’s belly and the closest to the real measurement won!

Michelle spoke to both the mom an dad to be’s parents to get the scoop on what they were like as kids. We made paddles using card stock in the printer and tounge depressors, Mommy on one side and Daddy on the other. The person with the most answers correct won!

Baby Bingo
And to make opening baby gifts fun we made bingo boards for each guest!


Tea Cup Candles
Tu give guests the incentive to win I wanted to create really great favors! I picked some of the most beautiful tea cups and turned them into candles, you can check out a full tutorial here on my website ( You can even decorate a little box of matches to go with them! I made 7 of them!

Rose tea

And for all the guests I found these cool green tea bag holders in the shape of a tea pot. I was able to get 25 for 20 dollars!!

We used rose bud teas and tied them in gauze pouches and added them to each tea tray so that each guest would go home with a fun, tastable and reusable souvenir of the day


A tea-rrific and (ladylike) time was had by all!


Evette Rios is a Puerto Rican lifestyle expert, writer, television host and native New Yorker. She is one of the stars of ABC’s The Chew, where she serves as field correspondent and roving reporter, covering events and dishing on new ways of using ordinary household items. She has also been a contributing design expert on Rachael Ray, where she’s known for hands-on advice, innovative crafts and dramatic room revisions. She is also National Spokesperson for Goodwill International. Learn more about Evette at

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