Fall Decorating: 3 Ways to Use Pumpkins

Published on October 3rd, 2013

Take your fall decorations from gourd to gorgeous this season. Using only a carving knife, silver spray paint and some inspiration from Evette Rios, you can make elegant candleholders, festive luminaries or a pumpkin-patch centerpiece.


  1. Posted by Hermas on February 17th, 2016, 22:17 [Reply]

    This is a tough question, Linda. One I wdulon’t answer on my own, so I’ll base my comment on what I’ve read or heard second hand. The problem seems to stem from having to make generalized decisions on a not so general subject. For instance, not all self-published books are low quality. Then again, not all are of high (or even good) quality. The generalized consensus is that the majority don’t meet the expectations of publishing standards. There are always the exceptions to the rules, of course. We’ve discussed that before on this and several other blogs. Professional reviewers take their jobs seriously. Asking a series of questions about each manuscript they review. These questions analyze the book in regards to character, theme, plot, style, and setting. Then, the reviewer reflects on their reading experience and intertwines their analysis with commentary on how the book personally affected them. There isn’t a huge difference between how a reviewer analyses a book and the system used by agents to work through the slush pile. My guess would be that in discounting the self-published books, reviewers believe they’re saving themselves a lot of time analyzing manuscripts that fall short in one or more of those developmental categories, which would lead to a bad review. Book reviewers don’t like to or want to give a bad review if possible. They have to maintain an approachable reputation. Would you send your book to a reviewer that gives a large number of harsh reviews? I know I wdulon’t.However, I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As more people self-publish and gather, and as time tests self-published authors, there will be a more pronounced need for reviewers that focus on self-published manuscripts. Initially, I see a need for reading fees, as they are basically becoming a books agent in a fuzzy sort of way, and unfortunately they will be reading a lot of …. I also believe they should have the right to reject a manuscript and refund the reading fee if they feel a need to do so. But over time as the “not-so-good” self published authors realize they will never achieve the sales required to cover their time, the expense of self-publishing, and marketing, the rush of self-published authors that we’re experiencing now will wane and diminish. This will leave a larger opportunity for exposure to those who are accomplished writers that withstand this test. The system needs time to balance itself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be happy you’re at the forefront of a swiftly changing industry.


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