Straight from the Backyard Fall Centerpieces

Published on October 10th, 2011

Some of the best, most unique centerpieces can be made with things just lying around the house, or the backyard. Dig out that stuff from the back of the cabinet, pick some wildflowers and get creative. Impress you guests with amazing looks that cost you absolutely nothing!

One Color Centerpiece
When in doubt group like items together. In this case I grouped a few things that were all green: a juice glass filled with fresh basil, an unripe tomato, a candlestick made from an old wine bottle (made by yours truly, I will post the how-to a bit later) and a vintage rooster covered dish.


Wildflower Vases
I love wildflowers. I know, I know, they’re technically “weeds,” but to me they’re beautiful flowers. From daisies to dandelions I love them all and get excited when new ones pop up. For this project, I gathered what happened to be growing nearby (I even cut some burrs for texture).

Then, I dug out an old tea canister I had laying around and put a glass inside for water.

The combination of the flowers and the canister had a lovely, rustic look. Leaving the stems long makes the arrangement seem quite impressive.

I had a few stems left over, so I put them in the straw hole of a ceramic cocktail cup I got at one of those hibachi restaurants, added a couple of cosmos from the garden for color and it just looked adorable!

Since I used some of the same flowers in both arrangements, I liked the way the two looked together.

“Wild” Fruit Centerpiece
There are some old apple trees growing in my friends’ backyard. They haven’t been pruned in many generations, so the fruit is small and probably not too tasty. I couldn’t let these little beauties go to waste though, so I picked the fallen ones off the ground and arranged them on a pretty plate for an instant centerpiece that’s perfect for any autumn table.

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  1. Posted by Toni on November 14th, 2011, 13:24 [Reply]

    I have just discovered you and can’t get enough of your creativity and energy. Thx for all the good ideas. tat


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