An Easy Dish Towel Wreath

Published on November 29th, 2012

I love taking inexpensive, useful, ordinary gifts, like dish towels, and presenting them in special ways. It’s like giving two gifts in one.

You won’t believe how simple it is to make this impressive wreath, and it can be done so quickly.

I used a 13″ pre-made vine wreath. I actually found this at my local dollar store which made it so cheap, but you can pick one up inexpensively at a local craft store too. You could even use a sturdy piece of wire and shape it into a circle if you have that on hand instead.

I needed 8 dish towels for this size wreath. I bought 5 green ones and five red ones so I could alternate the colors. You could also use cloth napkins and give a whole set of 12 which would make a great gift as well.

Simply, fold the first dish towel into a triangle and wrap it around the wreath, so the point is facing the top and on the front side; secure with a piece of cotton twine or floral wire. Overlap the twine or wire with the next towel and follow the same procedure. When you get to the last towel, fold the top of the first one back, so you can tuck the bottom of the last towel behind the point of the first one.


Tie a wired bow onto the wreath and voila! You’re wreath is done.

Now, when you spill your drink at the next holiday party, you don’t have to feel too guilty because there will be plenty of towels on hand to wipe it up!

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