Keep Track of Those Gift and Rewards Cards

Published on December 18th, 2011

While I was doing some post holiday cleaning and organizing of all my paperwork, a seemingly never ending task, I noticed that I have a boat load of gift cards. I have cards with balances from when I returned stuff without receipts (which I often do), gift cards that I’ve received as gifts from friends and colleagues and they were all stashed in one corner of my junk drawer, out of sight and unfortunately out of mind.

It got me thinking, why don’t I devise a way to organize them so that I can have them in my purse at all times and actually use them instead of leaving them lying around.

So yesterday, after attending a funeral, picking up my brother Derrick from the airport and having a nice glass of wine, I got to solving the gift card conundrum, and I came up with (drum roll please) the Gift Card Key Ring! It took me 15 minutes to do, I think this is going to work GREAT for me, and I hope that it does for you too!

Gift Card Key Ring

Here is what you need:

– Gift cards
– A hole puncher
– Binder rings (you can get these at any office supply store)


1. First if you have the balance for each card, write it on the back of the card in permanent marker

2. Make a hole in the upper left of your first gift card

3. Line up the next gift card behind the first one and make a hole in the same place

4. Continue this with all of your gift cards

5. Organize them, if you have enough, group them by type, for instance I realized that I had 2 HomeGoods gift cards so I put those together, I also grouped my clothing cards and put my meal cards together.

6. Now open up the binder ring and slip it through the holes in each of the gift cards and Ta Da! You have a key ring with all of your cards that won’t be cluttering up your wallet and you can just throw into your purse!

No more losing those gift cards! Now go out and spend those little babies, after all that was what they were intended for!

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