¿Quien Soy Yo?: Get to know Cari Cucksey

It’s a great way to get to know someone. Ask them what vegetable they would be, or what song if they could be any song? Every week I ask a different pal what would they be if they were a [blank]. Their answers are surprising, colorful and always interesting. Get to know my pals, one [blank] at a time!



Cari Cucksey is an Antiques Matchmaker, from HGTV’s Cash & Cari, who leads a fascinating life. She is the owner of RePurpose, an Estate Liquidation company and retail store that stocks a treasure trove of vintage, antique and reclaimed finds. Energetic, entrepreneurial and fun, she runs estate sales, operates a vintage store and refurbishes just about anything she can get her hands on! From antique furniture and vintage toys to retro electronics and classic luxury cars, she’s always on the lookout for obscure treasures as she combs through basements, attics and garages. Along with her razor sharp business sense, she has a great eye for spotting diamonds in the rough. Follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook.


FRUIT or VEGETABLE, I would be: Peach…My Fave!
MEAL, I would be: Veggie Pot Pie — Yummy well-rounded soul food goodness.
BEVERAGE, I would be: Lemonade: the ultimate optimist’s drink… when life gives you lemons you make lemonade!
DESSERT, I would be: Chocolate souffle.
APPLIANCE, I would be: I’m a health nut so I would have to say my Alkalizing water machine.
ROOM IN MY HOME, I would be: My office… I’m surrounded by all of my reference books along with collections from my treasure hunting adventures.
PLANT, I would be: Aloe Vera plant…useful in SO many ways. The ultimate RePurposing plant!
COLOR, I would be: I’m color crushing on Orange right now…Orange is the color of energy and positivity!
SONG, I would be: oh…I love all types of music…first song that comes to mind – I just want to celebrate by Rare Earth.
FICTIONAL CHARACTER, I would be: Sookie Stackhouse…heck who doesn’t want to read minds AND hang out with Alexander Skarsgard?!




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