¿Quien Soy Yo?: Get to know Daphne Oz

It’s a great way to get to know someone. Ask them what vegetable they would be, or what song if they could be any song? Every week I ask a different pal what would they be if they were a [blank]. Their answers are surprising, colorful and always interesting. Get to know my pals, one [blank] at a time!


Daphne Oz

Hi, my name is Daphne. One day, I want to have a bunch of kids, live on a farm, and speak French. Right now, I live in our NYC apartment with my husband and the cutest cat ever, and am co-host of ABC’s The Chew! My job is to hang out with friends, eat delicious food, and make healthy living beautiful, fun and easy…I could definitely get used to this 🙂 Come check me out @daphneoz or on Facebook!


FRUIT or VEGETABLE, I would be: peach.
MEAL, I would be: brunch. or dinner. or both.
BEVERAGE, I would be: a macchiato!
DESSERT, I would be: strawberries and whipped cream!
APPLIANCE, I would be: a standing mixer.
ROOM IN MY HOME, I would be: my kitchen, duh.
FABRIC, I would be: linen.
PLANT, I would be: a gardenia.
COLOR, I would be: green.
SONG, I would be: anything by Calvin Harris.
FICTIONAL CHARACTER, I would be: sleeping beauty. I enjoy long naps.




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