¿Quien Soy Yo?: Marcela Valladolid

It’s a great way to get to know someone. Ask them what vegetable they would be, or what song if they could be any song? Every week I ask a different pal what would they be if they were a [blank]. Their answers are surprising, colorful and always interesting. Get to know my pals, one [blank] at a time!


Marcela Valladolid

Marcela Valladolid is the host of Food Network’s Mexican Made Easy, and author of two cookbooks on easy, approachable and authentic Mexican food made with ingredients you can find in an every supermarket. Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, she attended the Los Angeles Culinary Institute and later the Ritz-Escoffier Cooking School in Paris. A former recipe editor/tester at Bon Appétit magazine, she became widely known after appearing as a contestant on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Marcela and her family recently purchased a tequila label which will launch in the US later this year. She and her young son divide their time between Tijuana and San Diego.


FRUIT or VEGETABLE, I would be: Chile Chiltepin. It’s very small but VERY spicy.
MEAL, I would be: a simple carne asada taco… a dish that feels just at home on either side of the border.
BEVERAGE, I would be: an Aztec Hot Chocolate… rich, sweet, spicy, warm, comforting.
DESSERT, I would be: a mango with chile lime powder. Don’t dig anything too sweet and when you call a woman a “mango” in Mexico, it’s a good thing.
APPLIANCE, I would be: Well, you don’t need to plug it in but I’m gonna say Molcajete (Mexa mortar and pestle). I’m an old school, rustic, skip-the-shortcuts kind of gal. More work yields more flavor, in anything you do in life.
ROOM IN MY HOME, I would be: my kitchen. Fau (my son) and I cooking is me at my happiest.
PLANT, I would be: acocoxóchitl. It’s the Aztec word for Dahlia and Mexico’s national flower. My mother was a florist, I’m obsessed with them.
COLOR, I would be: green, the color of the heart chakra.
SONG, I would be: the entire sound track from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet. I believe in nothing more than I believe in love.
FICTIONAL CHARACTER, I would be: I always wanted to be Matilda from the Roald Dahl book.




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