¿Quien Soy Yo?: Get to know Michael Symon

It’s a great way to get to know someone. Ask them what vegetable they would be, or what song if they could be any song? Every week I ask a different pal what would they be if they were a [blank]. Their answers are surprising, colorful and always interesting. Get to know my pals, one [blank] at a time!


Chef/owner of critically acclaimed restaurants Lola and Lolita, chef/partner of Roast in Detroit Michigan and chef/owner of B-Spot Restaurants, Michael has earned much attention through the years for his thoughtful Mid-Western cooking style



FRUIT or VEGETABLE, I would be: …I am a big fan of fruit, except the dreaded raspberry!!
MEAL, I would be: my mom’s lasagna. I actually have dreams about it.
BEVERAGE, I would be: …I am completely addicted to coffee & a self-admitted coffee snob… nothing better than a perfect latte from intelligensia.
DESSERT, I would be: coconut cake.
APPLIANCE, I would be: …I love my 6 burner Viking Range with a griddle.
ROOM IN MY HOME, I would be: the kitchen of course… the heart of our home.
PLANT, I would be: Hosta. I have about 20 varieties of them. They are my favorite because they are lovely without being flashy.
COLOR, I would be: red… the color of passion.
SONG, I would be: …I am a total music junkie so it is very hard to pick..but it is tough to beat black dog by the mighty Zep!
FICTIONAL CHARACTER, I would be: Batman…I mean who is cooler than batman? He has a cave, cool cars and toys, and a pimped out house.




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